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Sustainability may 18, 2011

Thoughts On The Future Of Design [Pics]

A synopsis and gallery of our recent New York City salon which focused on ICFF and recent design trends

Work may 14, 2011

Download PSFK’s Map To ICFF

We've designed a helpful downloadable map to highlight a selection of the best innovative work from the ICFF.

Mobile may 14, 2011

ICFF Designers: Christoffer Angell

The value of collaborative brainstorming and the importance of creating beautiful, durable, basic tools is highlighted by one of the partners from the Angell Wyller Aarseth design firm.

Work may 14, 2011

ICFF Designers: Jason Miller

Widely credited with starting the back-to-nature movement, Miller talks about designing ahead of trends and his new 'Endless' lighting system.

Luxury may 14, 2011

ICFF Designers: Karim Rashid

The iconic designer talks about recent work and shares insights about his design process and inspirations.

Arts & Culture may 14, 2011

ICFF Designers: Areaware’s Noel Wiggins

The designer talks about his recent work that explores the uses of craft in a postindustrial increasingly digitalized culture.

IoT may 14, 2011

ICFF Designers: Patrick Martinez

The imaginative designer talks about his immaterial lamps and concern for the notions of displacement, shift of perspective and dematerialization.

Gaming & Play may 14, 2011

ICFF Designers: Andreas Kowalewski

Kowalewski talks about craftsmanship and the importance of intuitive experimentation in his design process.

Innovation may 14, 2011

ICFF Designers: Laila Ahmadinejad

"With these rugs, I'm exploring the idea of taking an ephemeral moment and turning it into a permanent artifact."

Work may 14, 2011

ICFF Designers: Jerry Helling

The President of Bernhardt Design talks about new projects that feature young designers and design education.

Technology may 14, 2011

Picks For NYC Design Week – Dave Pinter of PSFK

The concept designer and PSFK design editor talks about repurposed architecture and why design isn't 'stuff.'

Advertising may 14, 2011

Picks For NYC Design Week – Jean Lin of Otto

The editor of Otto Design and Architecture explains how the language of design is becoming more culturally relevant.

Cities may 14, 2011

Picks For NYC Design Week – LinYee Yuan of Core77

LinYee Yuan, Managing Editor of Core77, talks about new materials and collaborative conversation about design.

Sustainability may 14, 2011

Picks For NYC Design Week: Josh Rubin of

The founder and editor in chief of Cool Hunting talks about what's inspiring him, and a backlash against minimalism.


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