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Food october 18, 2016

A Food Conversation: Where Culture And Technology Collide

PSFK chats with Bitten LA Founder Naz Riahi about bio-hacking, wellness and the future of dining

Health july 29, 2016

Study Claims Cockroach Milk Could Be The Next Superfood

Researchers in India have found that the insects might be able to provide an alternative and compete protein source

Work july 27, 2016

How Google Is Growing Its Own Food

The tech giant is using the leafy green machine from Freight Farms to feed and educate its employees

Home march 20, 2015

3D-Printed Garden Bites for a Growing World

Edible Growth shows that someday prepping three-dinner courses might be as simple as letting nature take its own

Sustainability june 25, 2014

Sophie Maxwell: 3 Ingredients Brands Need For The Future Of Food

Consumers are increasingly seeking food brands that are tailored to their individual needs.

Luxury march 22, 2013

What Bill Gates Believes Is The Future Of Food [Video]

Food scientists are developing plant-based alternatives to meat that are produced more sustainably.

Mobile january 11, 2012

Behance: Most Inspiring Creative Projects This Week

Every seven days one of the leading platforms for creative professionals across all industries brings us a round-up of the ideas that are inspiring them, and highlights the young professionals who are creating them.

Innovation july 11, 2011

There is No Global Water Crisis

A recent book by author Charles Fishman, sheds light on Los Angeles potential fresh-water shortage.

Technology july 5, 2011

MyFarm: Online Farming Through Crowdsourcing

An ambitious new project challenges internet users around the world to run a real farm to help them appreciate how their food is produced.

Retail june 30, 2011

Eating Money: How Much Food Will A Dollar Buy You? [Chart]

Are cheap calories the reason why people are unhealthy?

Design & Architecture june 28, 2011

iPhone 5: The 'Edible' Version

Fruits and vegetables are mixed together to make an enormous and tasty iPhone 5 to add to the buzz surrounding its potential September unveiling.

Advertising june 22, 2011

Springwise: Community-Supported Coffee Links Farmers Directly With Customers

New business idea seeker highlights California-based cooperative CoffeeCSA's efforts to deliver organic, fair trade coffee on a global scale.

Retail june 20, 2011

Smashburger: Big Business Through Better Burgers

PSFK speaks to an owner who believes that the next step in the fast food revolution is a health conscious one that focuses on the quality of the ingredients.

Design & Architecture june 15, 2011

Faraday Tea Set Prepares And Serves Your Tea

The Faraday tea set is an interesting concept designed to incorporate the process of tea-making and serving it altogether in one system.


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