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News october 29, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Elon Musk is weary of AI, 'The Guardian' thinking wearables will help news-gathering and why is Chipotle basically more successful than its former parent company nowadays?

IoT september 25, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Lyft caters to deaf drivers, Ohio embraces Major League Gaming and IBM aims to make Watson smarter

Work may 6, 2014

Kill Screen: The Secret To Social Game Success Is Sound

How muting a game's sound effects can detract from the entire playing experience.

Technology may 5, 2014

Kill Screen: VR Experiment Turns Your Living Room Into An Interdimensional Drawing App

Mind-boggling 3D drawing tool makes use of both the Kinect and Oculus Rift.

Work april 22, 2014

Kill Screen: Virtual Puzzle Game Places Players Inside A Synthesizer

FRACT is a musical exploration game where players reconstruct a virtual world through sound.

Cities april 15, 2014

Kill Screen: Will Wearables Bring Video Game Design Into The Real World?

Trackable data points and real-time feedback may become a designer's best friend.

Gaming & Play april 10, 2014

Stanford Engineers Create Bio-Sensing Video Game Controller [Video]

Gameplay changes based on the player's emotions.

Mobile april 10, 2014

Kill Screen: How Wearable Interfaces Could Free Games From The Tyranny Of Screens

A new wave of technologies harness our own bodies and movements for entertainment.

Advertising september 15, 2013

PSFK Presents The Future Of Gaming With Zynga

An inspirational New York Ad Week event for creative professionals on the business of mobile gaming.

Technology july 16, 2012

Fridge Device Alerts Social Networks When User 'Fails' Their Diet

The Virtual Fridge Lock is a magnet that locks to your fridge and alerts your friends when you open the fridge late at night.

Design & Architecture january 14, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

Each week PSFK features many new and innovative apps. To give the best their due, we’ve compiled a roundup of the most interesting and creative apps written about on the site this past week:

Gaming & Play january 6, 2012

Pillars Of Gaming: Game Functionality And Systems Round-Up [Future Of Gaming]

Developers are using a combination of natural user interfaces, digital technologies and networked sensors to create new game play experiences to make their games more compelling and accessible to a wider audience.

Work january 5, 2012

Could Games Be The New Antidepressants?

PSFK picks the brain of Kill Screen magazine founder, Jamin Warren, about the exciting breadth of the current gaming community and why he thinks that games that affect our moods are the next frontier.

Technology january 5, 2012

Game Functionality And Systems: Life-Sized Game Pieces [Future Of Gaming]

As intelligent sensors are embedded into every day products from clothing to sports equipment and even cooking utensils, people are able to track and analyze the data collected from a wider variety of daily activities.


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