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Technology january 5, 2012

Sensor Embedded Kitchen Utensils 'Gamifies' Cooking For Future Chefs [Future Of Gaming]

The French Digital Kitchen is an innovative cooking environment that features cooking utensils and ingredient containers with digitally embedded sensors alongside interactive displays, which track and evaluate a student’s activity.

Home january 2, 2012

Stroke Victims Learn Steps To Recovery Using Wii Game [Future Of Gaming]

Researchers at the US University of Notre Dame have developed a recovery platform for stroke patients using the Nintendo Wii called WeHab.

Work december 29, 2011

Motivating Inter-Office Health Through A Competitive Game [Future Of Gaming]

Keas is an online platform that transforms inter-office health into a collaborative competition, motivating individual well-being by requiring participants to work together as a team to meet collective health goals.

Mobile december 29, 2011

App Leverages Gaming Mechanic Of Peer Pressure To Embarrass Snoozers [Future Of Gaming]

OKITE is a free mobile app from Japanese developer Eureka that motivates users to wake up by threat of embarrassing, random ‘tweets’ broadcast across their social networks.

Technology december 29, 2011

Inter-App Game Pressures Runners To Stick To Their Run [Future Of Gaming]

Reebok has created a mobile app that informs an individual’s Facebook friends and Twitter followers when a person has planned to go out for a run—and whether or not they actually do.

Gaming & Play december 29, 2011

Solar Charger Game Broadcasts Ecological Savings Across Social Networks [Future Of Gaming]

The Changers Solar Starter Kit is a solar charging system for personal electronics that broadcasts a user’s ecological savings across their social network, allowing fellow users to pressure one another into reducing their CO2 footprint.

Technology december 28, 2011

App Turns Healthy Eating Into An Interactive Competition [Future Of Gaming]

Foodzy is an Amsterdam-based start-up that has created an online platform allowing players to earn rewards and compete with others around healthy eating habits, while gaining insight into how to lose weight and live better lives.

Innovation december 27, 2011

Game Teaches Youths To Be Entrepreneurs [Future Of Gaming]

Zindagi is an online platform in beta that promises to teach students the lessons of entrepreneurship and hands-on money management through incentive structures, social networking, and competition.


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