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Technology july 2, 2014

How Therapy Sessions Are Moving From Couches To Skype Sessions

How web culture has changed the status of mental healthcare.

Work june 20, 2014

Creating An Ideal Vision Of Health, Using Wearable Tech [Future Of Health]

Data produced by wearable devices are providing users with a new view on how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Editors Pick june 19, 2014

Wearable Tech Puts Wearers On The Frontline Of Healthcare [Future Of Health]

PSFK Labs looks at how wearable technology is enabling wearers to become more involved with decisions about their health.

Luxury may 19, 2014

IBM's Watson Serves As A Research Assistant To Dermatologists

Modernizing Medicine is partnering with the tech company to embed the platform into their dermatologist software package.

Home may 19, 2014

Future Housecalls: Order Doctors Like Delivery When You're Sick

New app Pager lets you request house calls from approved doctors to get care wherever you are.

Work april 15, 2014

PSFK Releases Full Health Trends Report For Free

Boehringer Ingleheim, our gracious partner, supports the free distribution of PSFK's Future of Health report.

Mobile march 20, 2014

What's Driving The Future Of Health [Video]

13 experts dive deep into the Future of Health in a new video highlighting innovations in the healthcare industry.

Design & Architecture march 14, 2014

How 3D Printing Is Taking The Pain Out Of Prosthetics [Future of Health]

PSFK Labs looks the potential for 3D Printed Procedures to make custom prosthetics and medical implants cheaper and more effective.

IoT march 14, 2014

Custom Prosthetics Are As Easy As Pressing 'Print' [Future Of Health]

Doctors are taking advantage of 3D printing technology to build custom replacements for their patients.

Cities march 13, 2014

Is Virtual Reality The Nurse Of The Future? [Future Of Health]

Augmented reality interfaces are giving physicians new ways to access and interact with the information they need most.

IoT march 13, 2014

Will Doctors Soon Conduct AR-Assisted Surgeries? [Future Of Health]

Physicians are experimenting with the use of heads-up displays and augmented visualization techniques to assist them during operations and exams.

Home march 12, 2014

Neil Jordan: Helping Alzheimer’s Patients Live Independently And With Dignity

Using modern technology, patients in various stages of Alzheimer's can live on their own without causing harm to themselves or others.

Design & Architecture march 12, 2014

How The Health Trackers Of The Future Could Turn Us Into Cyborgs [Future Of Health]

Near-imperceptible medical devices are being developed to record and communicate a variety of detailed biometrics.

Innovation march 12, 2014

Health Devices Are Shrinking, And That's A Good Thing [Future Of Health]

PSFK Labs looks at how physicians and researchers are using small sensors for more continuous and responsive patient monitoring.


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