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IoT december 5, 2013

Gift Safe Helps Keep Christmas Presents A Surprise

Stop people getting a sneak peak at their treats this holiday season.

Retail october 11, 2013

Facebook App Gives People Beauty Tips From Their Older, Future Selves

Shiseido wants your "future self" to lead you toward a better, healthier lifestyle.

Technology september 29, 2013

Responsive Light Mirrors Human Movement To Create Engaging Spaces [Future of Light]

Technologies are being used to translate people's gestures into graphic images of light to achieve different ends.

Technology may 15, 2012

Performative Light Installation Mirrors Human Movement [Video]

'Future Self' brought together media artist collective rAndom International, choreographer Wayne McGregor, and composer Max Richter.

Luxury april 16, 2012

Seeing Images Of Their Older Self Encourages People To Save

Researchers find that a computer program showing people an image of their future self motivates them to save more for retirement.


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