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Luxury march 6, 2014

What Gadgets Will We Take On Space Vacations?

Creative agency PostlerFerguson has conceived a series of objects for private galactic travel.

Work may 2, 2013

Boeing Envisions The Silent Plane Of The Future

The company is developing a supersonic airliner concept, with mockups being tested in NASA wind tunnels.

Technology november 30, 2012

Mercedes Introduces Futuristic Concept Car That Runs On Hydrogen

The Ener-G Force Concept Car is a futuristic design with a topography scanner, built-in toolbox, and fuel cells.

Design & Architecture november 23, 2012

Coca-Cola Unveils Futuristic Fashion Collection [Pics]

The drinks brand showed off the clothes at Fashion Rio, with items inspired by sports and featuring materials like mesh and nylon.

Gaming & Play june 19, 2012

Pixelated Glasses Reference Retro Computer Graphics [Pics]

Dzmitry Samal's unique eyewear collections manufactured in France blend the digital and analog worlds.

Design & Architecture june 19, 2012

Concept Airplane Seating Features Ultra-Private Pods [Video]

'Air Lair' are double-decker capsules that create a more comfortable and smarter designed flying experience.

Luxury april 16, 2012

Luxury Concept Home Flies Through The Air [Pics]

Timon Sager's future flying house design looks like an elegant yacht carried by two large zeppelins.


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