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[Stat] Pokemon Go’s daily users are in decline
[Inspiration] Popular Korean mobile game reflects the drudgery of work
Children august 15, 2016

Children’s Jukebox Controlled By Figurines And Tokens

The music player and Wi-Fi enabled speaker lets kids start a song by placing toys on it

Advertising august 2, 2016

Yogurt Brand Targets Ads To Attract Pokémon Go Players

Using the app's in-game stops that players actively seek, Stonyfield will send out curated messages with links to store locators

Advertising july 20, 2016

Pokémon Go Will Soon Offer Sponsored Locations

The United States' most feverishly played app has plans to offer unique advertising opportunities to retailers

Children july 19, 2016

A Watch That Can Actually Teach Your Kids About Good Habits

The icon-based device compels children to learn the importance of time, independence and scheduling

Gaming june 27, 2016

China Turns Credit Scoring Into A Game

The Chinese government will roll out a platform that rewards citizens with high scores and penalizes those with low ones

Children june 16, 2016

Robot Grows With Your Child And Teaches Them How To Code

The device teaches kids about programming and logical thinking by the age of six

Advertising june 7, 2016

The Only Way To Get Out Of This Room Is With Google Apps

Première Pièce escape room challenge requires the help of digital apps to solve

Work march 30, 2016

In-App Game Lets Uber Find New Recruits

The car-hailing app is embedded with a game of code

IoT december 18, 2015

Earn More (Videogame) Lives By Regularly Brushing Your Teeth

This game lets you play only if you keep your mouth clean

Advertising may 16, 2014

Fast Food Tray Can Host A Live Soccer Match

Brazilian fast food chain Giraffas created special paper field that works in concert with the screen of a customers' device.

Advertising march 7, 2014

Minecraft World Contains A Full-Size Replica Of Manhattan

Student is building one of the most intricate structures the indie game has seen.

Advertising march 5, 2014

Anti-Smoking Clinic Opens Up Shop Inside Minecraft [Video]

New campaign virtually invades the game that gets more YouTube hits than Justin Bieber.


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