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Work september 19, 2013

Hacked Piano Acts As Video Game Controller [Video]

Fans of the first-person shooter Doom now have a new musical way to play the game.

Technology march 27, 2013

Game Controller Designed For The Feet

Stinky is a pad controlled using your feet, which features four programmable buttons and adjustable tension.

Stinky Is A PC Game Controller For Your Feet That Actually Works Well | TechCrunch
Mobile march 22, 2013

Chrome Turns Any Webpage Into A Playable Pinball Game

'World Wide Maze' is a 3D marble maze controlled by your mobile phone’s accelerometer.

Innovation december 17, 2012

Clothing Doubles As A Video Game Controller

Woven is a shirt with an embedded LED screen, Bluetooth module, speakers, and motion sensors.

Technology september 24, 2012

Keychain Double As An All-In-One Media Controller

The iMpulse is a small device that can be used as a Bluetooth gaming controller, remote camera trigger, key finder, or mobile media remote control.

Design & Architecture august 8, 2012

Plug A PSP Controller Into A Smartphone For An Instant Video Game Console

The GameKlip connects a Playstation controller to your Android phone, offering an alternative to touch controls for more complex mobile games.

Arts & Culture september 8, 2011

The Evolution Of Video Game Controllers In A Family Tree

A graphical print poster details the family tree of game controller featuring 119 'species' and 11 'genera.'

Advertising january 6, 2011

A Tactile iPad Game Controller

Fling is a new device that promises to give more control to tablet users.


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