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Travel august 11, 2016

Create Your Own Commute With This NYC Transit System Game

Brand New Subway allows players to create their dream route and improve the New York City transportation system

Technology july 19, 2016

Pocket Synth Uses Gameboy-Like Cartridges To Make Masterpieces

The modular instrument gives musicians an easy way to create music on the go

Retail june 27, 2016

China Turns Credit Scoring Into A Game

The Chinese government will roll out a platform that rewards citizens with high scores and penalizes those with low ones

Health june 10, 2016

Interactive Water Bottle Turns Hydration Into A Game

These Tamagotchi-like pets are encouraging children of all ages to drink enough water

Augmented & Virtual Reality may 25, 2016

What Would A World Entirely Powered By Augmented Reality Look Like?

With AR headsets sales on rise, a filmmaker explores how they will influence our reality

Work december 18, 2014

Gamification Lets People See Exactly Where Their Charitable Donations Go

Makerble encourages millennials to only support the causes in which they believe

MyFarm.Com Is A Farmville That Actually Grows Food On a Real Farm
Syndicated may 13, 2014

Kill Screen: How The Rules Of Social Games Are Creeping Into The Real World

Gamification offers a framework to improve our non-virtual lives.

Mobile february 27, 2014

Real-World Rewards For Better Fitness [Future Of Health]

Financial, social and emotional perks are motivating people to make better health choices.

Retail november 29, 2013

Is Loyalty Lost In A World of Points And Leaderboards? [Future Of Retail]

PSFK Labs looks at Community Loyalty as a way for companies to craft emotional perks to build long-term loyalty.

Technology september 3, 2013

Program Lets Enthusiasts Design A Video Game With Pencil And Paper

New app gives users the ability to draw an analog word and make it virtual.

Mobile june 16, 2013

Scott Kendall Wants To Turn Commuting Into A Game [PSFK SEATTLE]

quadstreaker is a mobile app that incentivizes users to explore new areas within their city.

Gaming & Play june 7, 2013

Sports App Lets Fans Wager Over Game Outcomes

Aggregator for various games also allows users to win points and input their own opinions about each match.

Partner Content may 12, 2013

Games Before Bed Will Help Kids Sleep Better

Zeds makes sleep fun for youngsters with a quantified self-style mobile game.


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