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Work january 5, 2015

Jawbone Enhances the Workplace with Data Driven Motivation

With Up for Groups, companies can gamify everyday activities to incentivize co-workers to be more healthy and efficient

Technology june 16, 2013

Scott Kendall Wants To Turn Commuting Into A Game [PSFK SEATTLE]

quadstreaker is a mobile app that incentivizes users to explore new areas within their city.

Home august 31, 2012

The Impact Of Social Networks In The Workplace [Future of Work]

A look back at social media's effect on office culture from the second week of PSFK’s Future Of Work series.

Syndicated may 30, 2012

Springwise: California Gamifies Local Lemon Trading

Lemonopoly is an online game that encourages the lemon trading economy, matching people who grow the produce with those who want to buy the citrus fruit.

Advertising january 10, 2012

How Is Gamification Influencing Mainstream Corporate Culture? [Infographic]

Research shows that the majority of brands will be integrating games into their campaigns as a way to attract and retain consumers within the next three years.

Technology february 4, 2011

Streamlining The Addition Of Game Mechanics

Gamify aims to make it easy to apply game mechanics in everyday applications and situations to boost engagement, fun and good behaviors


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