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Technology march 26, 2013

Retro Gaming Console Plays Old Sega And Nintendo Games

The RetroN 5 from Hyperkin allows you to dust off your old cartridges for the NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, Famicom, and Genesis.

Innovation january 4, 2012

Offscreen Toys Spring To Life In A Videogame [Future Of Gaming]

US videogame developer Activision is set to launch a game called 'Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure' that incorporates physical toys into digital gameplay.

Mobile december 8, 2011

Xbox 360 Becomes An Entertainment Center With Voice-Activated Features

Microsoft's gaming console utilizes Kinect to revolutionize home entertainment.

Technology november 2, 2011

Microsoft Ad Pays Hommage To Hacks

This commercial shows the full potential of the Kinect device due to innovative tweaks.

Gaming & Play october 7, 2011

Microsoft Transforms The Xbox Into An Entertainment Console

The gaming console could become more popular with couch potatoes as it partners with 40 entertainment providers.

Design & Architecture august 16, 2010

(Pics) The Anatomy Of Technology

Mads Peitersen's illustration series envisions a more human version of our machines.


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