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Advertising july 28, 2016

This Grand Budapest Style Hotel Is Designed Just For Bees

A miniature boutique lodging is meant to raise awareness for the honey-producing creatures

Advertising june 6, 2016

Microsoft Wants To Help You Talk To Plants

Translate your messages into plant speak, and the plants respond back

Technology april 26, 2016

How IoT Is Blossoming In The Garden

The internet of things can seriously up your green thumb game

Design february 15, 2016

Let Your Youngsters Get Lost in the Cultivation of Sculpture Gardens

This life-sized building toy steers kids toward the arts and sciences

Home june 11, 2015

Will the Gardens of the Future Cultivate Themselves?

Gardening becomes wired to the IoT, with Blossom, Edyn, and Bitponics featuring the greenest thumbs

Home july 23, 2014

Starter Kits Sprout Gardens in Abandoned Plots, on Sunny Skyscrapers

Garden supplies company ships seasonal boxes and packs for your urban terrace.

MyFarm.Com Is A Farmville That Actually Grows Food On a Real Farm
Design january 8, 2014

Pots Mimic Rainfall To Properly Hydrate Plants

These cartoonish plant holders work better than a watering can.

Home december 27, 2013

PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Innovations For A Modern Kitchen

Give a smart present that will keep a friend's home up-to-date.

Cities july 25, 2013

Growth Blanket Helps Urban Gardens Flourish

Toolkit that allows plants and herbs to be grown in cities using just 20% of the space normally required.

Advertising july 18, 2013

Powder Turns Water Into Gel To Fight Droughts

Agricultural wonder can expand to 500 times it's original size and store water for up to a year.

Advertising may 31, 2013

Photosynthesis Camera Informs Gardeners If Their Plants Are Healthy

Simple technology help everyone have a green thumb.

Innovation may 16, 2013

Morning Cup Of Coffee Comes With Plantable Seed Packs

Seedtabs partners with locals cafes to give java drinkers a way to plant flowers on their daily commute.

Design january 16, 2013

Pedal-Powered Microhome On Wheels

Tricycle truck homes and gardens provide a temporary dwelling or getaway fix.


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