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Arts & Culture july 19, 2013

Guerrilla Editors Hack Dictionaries With A New Definition Of Marriage [Video]

Activists silently fight for the original term to be updated to coincide with current times.

Technology may 29, 2013

Google Hosts Same-Sex Weddings In Places Where They’re Illegal [Video]

The social site and nonprofit organization Tous Unis Pour L’Egalite helped couples get married via Hangouts.

Syndicated november 13, 2012

How Young Voters Won The Culture Wars

2012 saw historic support for pro-choice positions, gay marriage and marijuana legalization – thanks to liberal-leaning youth.

Work september 27, 2012

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Lady Gaga strips down to her underwear to create a 'Body Revolution,' Evan Williams suggests an alternative Twitter metric, and California legalizes autonomous vehicles, ...links to start your day with.

Design & Architecture september 7, 2012

Now You Can Buy Your Own Cube Of New York City Garbage

Whether its pink confetti from the city's same-sex marriage celebration or left-over energy drink bottles, a piece of New York can now be yours thanks to artist Justin Gignac.

Technology march 15, 2012

Ben and Jerry’s New Ice Cream Supports Gay Marriage

The brand renames its apple pie flavor in the UK, in support of proposed government legalization of same sex unions.

Arts & Culture january 25, 2012

Starbucks Supports Gay Marriage [Headlines]

World largest coffee chain encourages marital rights for homosexuals.

Technology february 16, 2011

Paving The Way For Human-Robot Marriage

The gay-marriage debate has taken an unusual turn with the idea of robot-marriage raised.


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