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Culture march 4, 2014

Analog Toys Get A Second Life As Artistic Robots [Videos]

Echo Yang gives a group of forgotten objects an art career of their own.

Culture may 23, 2011

Glitch Filter App Plays Russian Roulette With Your iPhone Snaps

Digital photo manipulation eschews retro celebration in favour of raw glitch aesthetic.

Culture january 21, 2011

Crowdsourced Generative Webcam Film [Video]

A perpetually changing youtube video invites everyone and anyone to star in a generative webfilm portrait of online audiences

Advertising august 25, 2010

Deprogrammed Architecture and Spontaneous Spaces

Augmented City is a conceptual architecture project that envisions a metropolis awash in augmented reality.

Cities july 13, 2010

Alex Dodge’s Generative Collection

A new series of conceptual creations mix technology and art to produce prototype garments of the future.

Culture january 6, 2009

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