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Wind And Solar Power Generator Reduces From 80% To 100% The Energy Bill
Innovation april 26, 2013

Portable Pedal Powered Battery Powers Devices On & Off The Bike

New way to charge phones using electricity generated while users cycle.

Technology november 8, 2012

Nigerian Teenagers Create Generator That Runs Off Urine

The 14 and 15 year old girls created the device, which provides 6 hours of electricity with 1 liter of the human bodily fluid, at Maker Faire Africa.

Technology august 31, 2012

Ultra-Compact Dynamo Hub Charges Smartphone As Biker Cycles [Video]

This small eco-friendly bike peripheral powers bike lights and other personal devices.

Advertising june 10, 2011

Bacon Ipsum: Making Your Dummy Text Yummy

A new dummy text generator uses words that may leave you craving for meat after a day of designing.

Sustainability july 8, 2010

Bicycle Charges USB Devices When Pedaled

A DIY project installs a small generator on a bike to charge electronics.

Mobile march 29, 2010

Survival Economics: Haitian Tent City Creates Community Services

Without any way to generate an income, Haitian entrepreneurs have found ways to help their community by creating goods and services needed by inhabitants of a tent city.

Design & Architecture march 24, 2010

Mini Generators Produce Energy From Street Noise

A research team from University of Michigan has created miniature generators which can make energy from random street noise.


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