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Work august 4, 2014

Geometric Forms in Air Explore Visual Language of Space and Light

Deep in the Russian woods, light is being harnessed in a new way

Home february 27, 2014

Multifunctional Household Object Defies Traditional Design Principles [Photos]

A South Korean maker has created what is possibly the world's most versatile home accessory.

Home september 9, 2013

Large-Scale Honeycomb Breathes In Response To Changing Weather Patterns [Video]

Shifts in wind direction and temperature cause this geometric structure to react.

Technology july 16, 2013

Geometric Shapes Transposed Onto The Streets Of Tokyo [Video]

Japanese filmmaker uses particles to create floating images.

Arts & Culture june 28, 2012

Moving Geometric Facade Blocks Out Sunlight To Keep Buildings Cool [Pics]

Eye-catching design reduces the dependence on air conditioning in hot climates.

Work may 8, 2012

How Two Designers Turn Inspiration Into Unique Picture Fonts

Nicole and Petra Kapitza create bold illustrations, drawing inspiration from nature, people, and software. Their new book, Organic, explores organic shapes and structures.


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