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Technology november 29, 2016

This Shelf Add Outside Storage Space To Your Computer

FLOAT Shelf is a simply designed device that adds a platform to any iMac

Arts & Culture november 1, 2016

The Perfect Calendar For The Geometry Obsessed

The DodeCal is a 3D printed, wooden monthly agenda that mixes craftsmanship and laser cutting technology

Work december 29, 2014

Geometry-Inspired Product Design a Look to Watch in 2015

The style pendulum is swinging from organic towards simplified shapes

Design & Architecture october 9, 2014

Geometric Umbrella Reimagines Traditional Structure's Design

The Sa is an innovative weather-resistant product that revamps the form and aesthetics, with improved efficiency and recyclability

Arts & Culture september 1, 2014

Geometric Rainbow Installation Enhances French Art Center’s Liminal Space

French sculptor Daniel Buren created seven integrated artworks for the MaMo

Work august 12, 2014

Geometric Paintings Only Visible from Specific Perspective

Hand-painted artwork is a hyper-complex combination of different pieces

Mobile july 28, 2014

Illustrator Debuts Vibrant Geometric Patterns in Imaginative Photo Shoot

Artist Judy Kaufmann bows her new collection called 'Hello Pattern'

Home february 27, 2014

Multifunctional Household Object Defies Traditional Design Principles [Photos]

A South Korean maker has created what is possibly the world's most versatile home accessory.

Technology february 25, 2014

Wall Installation Flutters At The Sight Of Passersby [Video]

Artist’s new project taps into the current responsive architecture trend.

Cities january 13, 2014

Donut-Shaped Skyscraper Dominates Chinese Skyline [Pics]

This unique structure is maybe the best collaboration between China and Italy since pasta.

Luxury july 18, 2013

Mechanized Twisting Dining Table Expands To Double Its Size

Nineteenth century geometric design used to create this luxury piece of furniture.

Advertising july 16, 2013

Geometric Shapes Transposed Onto The Streets Of Tokyo [Video]

Japanese filmmaker uses particles to create floating images.

Innovation june 27, 2012

Futuristic Paper Reflects Light To Create Realistic Looking 3D Images [Video]

Prototype concept allows user to print what appear to be three dimensional images.

Technology may 23, 2012

Foldable Robots Inspired By The Art Of Origami

Engineers create mechanisms that can be flat-packed and morphed into 3D objects.


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