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Geometry-Inspired Product Design a Look to Watch in 2015

Geometric Umbrella Reimagines Traditional Structure’s Design

Geometric Rainbow Installation Enhances French Art Center’s Liminal Space

Geometric Paintings Only Visible from Specific Perspective

Illustrator Debuts Vibrant Geometric Patterns in Imaginative Photo Shoot

Multifunctional Household Object Defies Traditional Design Principles [Photos]

Wall Installation Flutters At The Sight Of Passersby [Video]

Donut-Shaped Skyscraper Dominates Chinese Skyline [Pics]

Mechanized Twisting Dining Table Expands To Double Its Size

Geometric Shapes Transposed Onto The Streets Of Tokyo [Video]

Futuristic Paper Reflects Light To Create Realistic Looking 3D Images [Video]

Foldable Robots Inspired By The Art Of Origami

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