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Georgia Institute of Technology
Technology june 1, 2016

Milestone Performance Brings Together AI And Human Musicianship

After 12 years in the making, a technology project showcases how robots can make for great bandmates

Technology january 23, 2015

Biometric Keyboard Grants Access Based on Keystrokes and Bioelectricity

Researchers have developed a non-mechanical intelligent keyboard that could increase security for computer users based on keystrokes, typing habit, and finger size

Mobile april 8, 2014

In-Phone Activity Proves To Be A Better Safety Lock Than An Actual Password

New system can identify you by how you interact within your device's interface.

Innovation october 21, 2013

Bike Wheel Add-On Turns Unused Space Into Cargo Storage [Pics]

Design project imagines a bike wheel functioning similarly to the trunk of a car.

Technology july 16, 2013

Wearable Technology Will Enable Dog-To-Human Communication

The FIDO project aims to improve communication between assistance dogs and their handlers.

Sustainability april 3, 2013

Recyclable Solar Cells Made From Trees

Team from Georgia Tech and Purdue develop energy production device made from recyclable organic material.

Work march 30, 2011

What's The Latest Clean Energy To Power Your iPod? You.

Will portable electronics be powered by the human body? Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology think so.

Innovation july 20, 2010

Simple Dissolvable Patch Administers Vaccines

A new vaccine delivery method may prove to be a boon for developing nations.

Innovation june 7, 2010

Future Of Health: Heart Powered Tech

With nanowires, energy created by movement could run electronics.


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