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Automotive november 9, 2016

Heads-Up Display Gives You Gesture Control Over Your Car

New automated technologies could soon replace distracting and error-prone phone-controlled setups

Technology june 2, 2016

Is Gesture Control The Future Of Phone-Based VR Systems?

A new direction for how we engage with virtual reality content on our devices

Technology may 12, 2016

Control Your Gadgets With A Simple Sweep Of The Hand

This smartwatch learns to read your gestures and completes actions based on them

Work january 8, 2016

Driver Wellness, Gesture-Controlled Parking and Other Automotive Technology Highlights [CES 2016]

#CES2016 was the year of the car, and its increasing evolution toward a digital product

Mobile january 9, 2015

Windows ‘Gestures’ Lets You Control Phone Functions With Natural Movements

Microsoft releases intuitive app to encourage a more hands-free lifestyle, answer your calls using gesture-controlled technology

Gaming & Play december 15, 2014

onecue Adds Gesture Control to Connected Homes

eyeSight, a leader in machine vision and gesture recognition, is now accepting preorders for onecue, a device that will bring the end to remote controls

Work june 27, 2014

BMW Inspects New Cars With Gesture Interface

System ensures bumper quality with the wave of a hand

Mobile june 2, 2014

Case Expands Phone Screen Beyond Its Borders [Video]

Fuffr allows gesture control for iPhones.

Innovation april 30, 2014

Ring Serves As Home's Remote Control [Video]

Nod’s technology builds on the human behavior of pointing.

IoT january 10, 2014

VR Game Helps Those With Eye Disorders See In 3D For The First Time

A new game offers hope for people who can only see in 2D.

Gaming & Play january 5, 2014

Navigate Devices Touch-Free with Ultrasound Tech

The latest in gesture-reading technology lets users work their gadgets with a wave of the hand

Advertising july 25, 2013

Air Pressure Device Turns Gaming Action Into Real World Feelings [Video]

Disney researchers have 3D-printed a futuristic experience where currents of oxygen help users feel on their skin what they see in front of them.

Technology june 19, 2013

3D Dissection Table Helps Students Explore Rare Medical Cases [Video]

Explore the body like never before with high resolution, life-sized medical images that you can cut, uncut, rotate and label.

Luxury june 6, 2013

Gesture Recognition Tech Controls Devices Without A Camera [Video]

WiSee lets homeowners control their electronics and appliances from any room using WiFi signals.


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