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Design & Architecture november 22, 2013

Rings Turn Sign Language Into Spoken Word To Help The Deaf Communicate

Winner of the Red Dot design award this year, the Sign Language Ring can detect and translate gestures.

Technology march 14, 2013

Texting System Let Users Type In Mid-Air

The Fleksy app makes it easy to type without even looking at the keyboard and boasts a powerful text prediction engine.

Technology march 4, 2013

Bracelet Unlocks Mobile Devices With Gestures

PassBan is introducing a wristband that can be used to authenticate your online information with a shake or a tap.

Design & Architecture february 11, 2013

What Human Gestures Have Our Gadgets Made Instinctive? [Pics]

A research project looks at how technology has brought about a new set of movements and postures we didn’t use before.

Gaming & Play february 4, 2013

AR Glasses Let Wearer Control Virtual Objects With Gestures [Video]

Tech company Meta has developed a pair of stereoscopic specs and combined them with low latency gesture tracking.

Syndicated december 4, 2012

USB Stick Lets Users Control Their Computers With The Tip Of A Pencil

Leap Motion is a gesture based control system that plugs into any computer’s USB slot.

Arts & Culture november 22, 2012

Every Gesture Required To Beat Angry Birds Visualized

Artist Evan Roth used 300 sheets of tracing paper and black ink to capture all the moves he made while completing the game.

Technology september 24, 2012

Be A Part Of Cirque Du Soleil By Singing & Gesturing At The Computer

Google Chrome experiment 'Movi.Kanti.Revo' invites users to interact using their voice and movements as they navigate a surreal digital world.

Mobile september 20, 2012

Reject Calls By Smacking The Smartphone

Microsoft has come up with a gesture to turn devices on silent by whacking them.

Technology june 14, 2012

Control iPad Objects Without Touching The Screen Using Augmented Reality Glove [Video]

Now you can reach into your iPad and interact with items in a virtual environment.

Innovation january 2, 2012

Educational Game Leverages Kinect To Make Learning Fun [Future Of Gaming]

Microsoft has released a series of ‘playful learning’ video games that function with the controller-free, motion-sensing device, Kinect for Xbox 360.

Design & Architecture october 5, 2011

Taiwanese Scientists Invent Invisible Key

Using motion-detection technology, this lock can be opened using hand gestures.

Work may 3, 2010

Apple Wins Strategic Multitouch Gesturing Patent

Apple has won a patent for a sophisticated multi-touch gesturing system for touch screen based devices.


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