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Work november 23, 2015

Manipulate and Tug On a 3D Interactive Display With Your Hands

The team behind Ultrahaptics is working to make three-dimensional experiences that go beyond touchscreens

Design & Architecture july 1, 2013

Interactive Installation Capture Visitors In A Virtual Snowstorm [Video]

In Ghost, visitors are recorded on camera and then added to a swirling blizzard installation.

Technology june 13, 2013

Blogging Platform Helps People Become Better Writers

Interface wants to reinvent how we publish online content focusing on longer trains of thought.

Mobile january 9, 2013

Macala Wright: Rolls Royce, The Future Of Artisanal Luxury & Calm Technology

The luxury automotive maker marries design, technology and customization to connect with affluent customers.

Work september 28, 2012

Photographer Recreates Film Scenes Using DIY Images In Real Locations [Pics]

A New York amateur photographer recreates film scenes with grainy, self-printed, black and white images.

Design & Architecture september 12, 2012

Vibrating Armband Helps Athletes Perfect Muscle Memory

A design concept triggers haptic feedback and sounds that guide users through motions to help their muscles ‘learn’ the correct movements.


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