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Work september 28, 2012

Photographer Recreates Film Scenes Using DIY Images In Real Locations [Pics]

A New York amateur photographer recreates film scenes with grainy, self-printed, black and white images.

Home january 5, 2012

Could Games Be The New Antidepressants?

PSFK picks the brain of Kill Screen magazine founder, Jamin Warren, about the exciting breadth of the current gaming community and why he thinks that games that affect our moods are the next frontier.

Luxury june 30, 2010

Experience Interactive Time Travel With Future Cinema

The pioneers of live cinematic experiences around the UK, are excited to announce their New York launch.

Advertising october 29, 2009

Ghostwire: Augmented Reality for the Psychic Set

Nintendo DSi's upcoming title, Ghostwire, uses the embedded microphone and camera to augment reality.

Work august 17, 2009

YouTube Presents Brand Sponsored Full Length Ghostbusters Movie

In what seems to be a a hint on how the movie industry might work with online video networks, YouTube has worked with Sony's Crackle to offer the full length movie of Ghostbusters.


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