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GIFs Bring Emotion to Messages When Words Fail
[PSFK 2015]

Netflix Launches New Outdoor Advertising Campaign with Responsive GIFs

GIFs Using Library of Congress Archival Photos Tout Verizon FiOS Speeds

GIF-Making Photobooth Equipped with Animated Overlay Option

9 Stories You Need to Know Today

Forget Mobile Video, Message Your Friends With GIFs

Elon Musk Reveals New Tesla Feature With GIFs

GIFs Transform Political Rulers Into Fabulous Drag Queens [Pics]

Subway Turns To GIFs To Boost Social Shares [Pics]

GIF Portraits Turn Still Shots Into Puzzling Images [Pics]

Exhibit Gives Visitors 3D GIFs Of Themselves As Souvenirs [Pics]

Auction House To Sell Off Digital Art Like Modern Masterpieces

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