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Technology july 26, 2012

BitTorrent Will Give DJ A Share Of Download Revenue [Headlines]

The file sharing site will allocate part of the profits from his downloads to DJ Shadow.

Advertising july 25, 2012

Is Freemium At Odds With Profit? [Headlines]

Is offering up products for free really necessary? Could a return to focusing on traditional consumer needs lets brands have their cake and eat it too?

Technology july 6, 2012

Netflix Viewership Beats Broadcast And Cable Networks In US [Headlines]

Subscribers of the online movie and TV network watched more than one billion hours of video in June.

Retail june 19, 2012

IKEA Televisions Are Now On Sale In Stockholm [Headlines]

The Swedish furniture store will begin a gradual roll-out of the new set, rumored to be Wi-Fi and USB compatible, across Europe beginning July 2nd of this year.

Innovation may 30, 2012

Pinterest Valued At $1.5 Billion [Headlines]

A look at how the primordial code of the world wide web was shaped by adaptation and innovation from online diaries and text heavy weblogs to photo sharing, social bookmarking, and the visually rich content sharing community of today.

Arts & Culture january 5, 2012

Rethinking Cookbooks In The iTunes Model

Is there a need for a standardized format when it comes to food and cooking that would see digital recipes bought, sold and shared like digital music?

Mobile september 27, 2011

Square COO: There’s No Value In NFC [Headlines]

The mobile payment startup's operating officer stated that he does not think the short-distance wireless technology NFC is useful for merchants or consumers.

september 21, 2011

Why The Guardian Needs Its American Dream To Come True [Headlines]

The Guardian's new US-site features refocused content tailored to the American audience.

september 20, 2011

Is Facebook Really The New Yahoo? [Headlines]

A blog post on Datamation argues that the social media site is not innovative enough to stay at the top.

september 20, 2011

After Failed Roku Partnership, Netgear Eyes Google TV [Headlines]

Despite launching NeoTV recently, Netgear seeks access to the Android market through a partnership with Google TV.

august 8, 2011

Is Kickstarter Becoming The Go-To Place To Buy Apple Accessories? [Headlines]

Amateur iPhone and iPad accessories are showing up on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website for independent projects, and they're gaining a lot of popularity.

Luxury july 25, 2011

Investments In Startups Boom While Funding For Clean Energy Drops [Headlines]

Dow Jones reports that energy companies raised less than half the amount raised by startups in the second quarter of 2010.

Retail july 19, 2011

American Express Links Offers to Your Social Graph

American Express is launching Link, Like, Love - a Facebook-based application that will target offers to cardmembers based on their and their friends' activity across the social graph.

Arts & Culture september 3, 2010

Will Apple’s Ping Lead The Future Of Social Commerce?

Apple's new service could shape the future of online shopping, says Gigaom founder.


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