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[News] Snapchat announces Spectacles—glasses that record live video
Fashion september 12, 2016

This Pair Of Eyeglasses Tracks Your Health

Level combines modern eyewear design with wellness-monitoring technology for a unique new wearable accessory

Technology august 25, 2016

Intel’s New System Will Help Technology See And Understand The World

Joule is a tiny board for developers designed to bring powerful computer vision to cheap and easy-to-make prototypes

Mobile august 19, 2016

Invisible Phone Screen Can Only Seen By Wearing Special Glasses

The app and eyewear combo is designed for privacy and keeping your conversations away from prying eyes

Retail may 26, 2016

This Site Lets You Get Your Prescription Without Ever Visiting An Optometrist

This company lets you be your own optometrist from home

Work december 23, 2015

Should Professional Gamers Wear These Glasses?

Sporting a special tint, these glasses are touted to protect gamers from eye fatigue and even boost their gaming chops

Technology september 28, 2015

Google Wants Your Glasses to Stay On While You Run

Google’s patent for self-adjusting specs could change the lives of the active and near-sighted

Work january 6, 2015

CES 2015: Text Messaging Glasses May be Coming to a Face Near You

Six15 to launch their new text messaging glasses at this year's CES

Arts & Culture june 9, 2014

Glasses Ads Turn Impressionist Masterpieces Into Hyper Real Paintings

Keloptic's new series of ads brings focus to the difference the right pair of lenses can make.

Innovation may 20, 2014

MIT’s Glasses-Free 3D Screen Places Holograms Inside The TV

Researchers developed a 3D projection system that doesn't require any eyewear.

IoT january 21, 2014

Piers Fawkes: How Wearable Tech Will Augment The Human Experience

PSFK Founder Piers Fawkes introduces the ideas about emerging technologies from the Future of Wearable Tech series.

Design & Architecture december 24, 2013

Medical Glasses Let Nurses See Patients’ Veins Through Their Skin

Eyes-On Glasses help give doctors and medical staff the power of x-ray vision.

Retail october 18, 2013

Augmented Reality Goggles Transport The Wearer Into A Virtual World [Video]

Pair of ex-Valve employees debuted their creation at Maker Faire 2013 and plans a retail offering with Kickstarter's help.

Advertising october 8, 2013

Tricycle Pop-Up Shop Pedals Eyeglasses To Salon Goers [Pics]

Designer prescription eyewear travels around on three wheels.


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