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Syndicated september 14, 2016

Determining Water's True Value In The Supply Chain

With water shortages exacerbating inequalities and causing damage to economies, we must make sure the commodity is properly valued

Work february 26, 2016

Spreading Democracy At the Push of a Button

Unlocking data that can help people monitor what their governments are really up to

Work january 5, 2016

Street Lamps Tackle Disease By Luring Mosquitoes with Fake Human Scent

LED light designed at University of Malaya is powered by solar and wind, and can work even in flooded areas

Arts & Culture april 20, 2015

SMS Service Helps Kenyan Farmers Take On Moles and More

iShamba is providing farmers in developing countries with advice on agricultural challenges

Sustainability march 23, 2015

Social Enterprise is Key to World's Water Woes and Beyond

Traditional divisions between NGOs, charities and businesses are blurring with new collaborative projects on water

IoT january 2, 2014

Whiskey Byproduct Could Purify Water

Discovered by accident when researching barley husks, a new method will soon remove industrial arsenic contamination from H2O.

Sustainability november 11, 2013

Coca-Cola To Cut Off Suppliers Who Disrespect Land Rights

Drinks firm announces zero-tolerance policy on land-grabbing in developing countries.

Technology april 17, 2013

How Geolocation Is Saving The Developing World

In countries like Nigeria, the software can do more than just help its user locate nearby restaurants.

Luxury march 18, 2013

Solar-Powered Mobile Truck Could Change African Healthcare

Vehicle equipped with remarkable range of facilities could revolutionize treatment in rural parts of the sub-Sahara.

Design & Architecture january 2, 2013

How A Solar-Powered Lamp-Post May Save Mali

An Italian architect has transformed the village of Sanogola by designing a portable, locally manufactured light.

Technology january 2, 2013

Intelligent Pumps Send Alerts When Water Has Run Out

Researchers in Kenya are testing a new device that transmits data on handpumps in areas with scarce water supply.

Advertising november 28, 2012

App Is Able To Monitor Disease Outbreaks In Real Time

ClickClinica provides real-time global disease surveillance by letting doctors record patients' symptoms with a single click.

Syndicated november 15, 2012

Could A Tree Provide All Of The World's Energy Needs?

Israeli biotech firm says it has modified eucalyptus trees so they could displace the fossil fuel industry.

Work october 26, 2012

Tesco To Provide Microfinancing In Scotland

The UK supermarket's financial services arm and Nobel-winning Bangladehi development bank Grameen, will target the most impoverished Scottish regions from 2013 on.


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