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Work may 12, 2012

How The United Nations Is Using Social Media To Spot Crises [Video]

From PSFK CONFERENCE NYC: Robert Kirkpatrick explains the mission of using data-for-good, and invites corporations to get involved with data-philanthropy,

IoT march 31, 2012

How Powerful Is Our Data? [PSFK NYC 2012]

Robert Kirkpatrick of UN Global Pulse discusses how the simple data we produce everyday can be tracked to help predict global crises.

Mobile march 17, 2012

How Passive Data Will Save The World [Video]

A new animation from the United Nation’s Global Pulse initiative explains how macro socioeconomic trends effect individual people and how the analysis of real-time data can help inform a more timely and targeted response.

Technology november 9, 2011

PSFK's Future Of Real-Time Report Distributed At UN General Assembly Briefing

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for greater use of the latest real-time data tools and new technologies to facilitate agile global development.

Sustainability february 22, 2011

5 Big Ideas On The Future Of Real-Time

Our most recent salon took a deep look at the Future of Real-Time. Here are 5 key ideas that were discussed.

Cities february 11, 2011

PSFK Presents The Future of Real-Time Report [Video]

PSFK presented its Future of Real-Time Report this week at Open UN: Engagement In The Age Of Real Time as part of Social Media Week in New York City.

Luxury february 3, 2011

PSFK SALON NEW YORK: Future Of Real Time

At this event, PSFK will invite speakers to discuss the key themes found in the Future Of Real Time report.

Home february 3, 2011

Future of Real-Time: Data Democracy

City administrations, institutions, and companies are publicly sharing data generated within their systems to add new levels of transparency and accountability.

Design & Architecture february 3, 2011

Future of Real-Time: Networking Nature

By connecting the natural world to the internet, communities and organizations are better able to monitor and respond to nature’s ebb and flow in real-time.

Work february 2, 2011

Future Of Real-Time: Instant Mapping

A growing number of open source tools and lo-fi solutions offer local communities the ability to rapidly generate maps and provide real-time instructions for navigating uncharted or changing landscapes.

Sustainability february 2, 2011

Future of Real-Time: See Something, Text Something

Systems that track change can leverage power of people. Crowd-sourced services that allow people to report on the situation around them are ensuring communities’ collective well-being by rapidly documenting potentially harmful incidents.

Advertising february 1, 2011

Future of Real-Time: Personal Census

Growing access to mobile technology around the world now enables an unprecedented monitoring of an individual’s current state of being.

Work february 1, 2011

Future of Real-Time: Social Sentiment

Analyzed in bulk, it is possible to calculate the current status of entire communities through web-based queries. This data can also be used to predict what lies ahead.

Sustainability february 1, 2011

Future Of Real-Time: Human Sensor Networks

Passive feedback systems require minimal infrastructure and transforms people into sensory nodes with little effort on their part.


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