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Technology november 16, 2016

Synthetic Fingertip Gloves Help People Use Their Phones

Special stickers are able to replicate a human fingertip so that users can make any glove compatible with their devices

Design & Architecture october 1, 2013

LED Gloves Performs Sign Language Light Shows For The Deaf

New Zealand design student creates TacitLanguage, a communication aid for low-light environments.

Technology may 7, 2013

Protective Glove Changes Color When It Detects Toxins

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution in Germany have developed clothing that can recognize substances in the surrounding air.

Mobile march 11, 2013

Write A Text Or Email By Moving A Glove Through The Air

Computer scientists have developed an "airwriting" system that uses sensors to record hand movements.

IoT october 29, 2012

Keyboard Glove Makes Typing Simple And Efficient

University of Alabama researchers create a glove that allows one-handed typing, offering a solution for those with disabilities

Technology june 14, 2012

Control iPad Objects Without Touching The Screen Using Augmented Reality Glove [Video]

Now you can reach into your iPad and interact with items in a virtual environment.

Design & Architecture april 9, 2012

Smart Vibrating Glove Helps The Hearing And Sight-Impaired To Text

The visual and hearing impaired will soon be able to engage in efficient communication via smartphones or computers.

Design & Architecture april 5, 2010

Modified Glove Plays Audio Cassette Tapes

An analog tape glove allows users to play magnetic tapes of old audio cassettes.


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