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Syndicated december 2, 2016

What Does The Future Of Android Look Like In A World With The Pixel?

Google’s decision to make its own phone might have looked like a blow to the likes of Samsung but the reality is much more interesting

Retail december 1, 2016

Creative Director: Navigating The New World Of Founder-Brands

Richard Smith, Creative Director at Sullivan, explains how visionaries like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg approach their branding and why it’s important to apply brand thinking to founders’ products

Travel november 28, 2016

Google Earth Phone Case Shows Live Travel Images

A new case changes the Pixel's wallpaper each day using the images and trends they cultivate

USA november 25, 2016

How Are Connected Vehicles Changing The Great American Road Trip?

Smarter vehicles are changing the way we spend time on the road

Gaming & Play november 18, 2016

Google's AI Experiments Use Machine-Learning Technology

Users can play with machine learning in eight applications created by the tech company

Work november 17, 2016

Google Reimagines The Whiteboard To Send Notes Straight To The Cloud

This digital screen is designed to make work collaborations noticably easier

Syndicated november 16, 2016

How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Fitness

New devices and services are creating a workout that's more data-rich, smarter and convenient than before

Work november 10, 2016

Perch Transforms Dull Offices Into Beautiful Workspaces

Perch is an interior design startup launched by a former Google employee looking to bring chic decor into the workplace

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