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Travel october 19, 2016

Google Flights Now Alerts Customers When Airfares Will Rise

The tech giant is adding a new feature to its travel purchasing branch by telling flyers when prices are set to expire

Mobile october 11, 2016

How Google Is Testing The Waters Of Consumer Retail

The tech company is launching a massive ad campaign and opening a pop-up shop to drive direct sales of its new Pixel phone and other home devices

[News] Google pushes mobile search by splitting desktop and phone search index
[Insight] Is it ethical to make technology ‘addicting’?
[News] Google’s pop-ups hint at a larger brick-and-mortar strategy
AI october 10, 2016

Meet Google’s Voice-Controlled Home Device

The latest product from the tech giant can perform commands within the home from one central hub

Work october 4, 2016

Thinking Outside Of The Career Ladder

The Future of Work report by PSFK Labs explores the trend of personalized career planning

[Insight] Tech companies partner up to address inadvertent biases of artificial intelligence
Travel september 29, 2016

Google Wants To Help You Plan Your Next Trip

A new app curates vacation itineraries and organizes reservation emails to take the work out of planning a getaway

Design & Architecture september 28, 2016

This Shape-Shifting Pod Could Be The Future Of The Cubicle

MIT and Google have designed a new form of work enclosure meant to offer privacy in open-office layouts

Gaming & Play september 27, 2016

Architecture Firm Turns Their Digital Portfolio Into An 8-Bit Game

Bjarke Ingels Group is exploring the possibilities of user interactivity in web design

Arts & Culture september 26, 2016

Google Is Using Virtual Paper Airplanes To Bring People Closer Together

The tech giant released an app that lets people throw their good wishes out into the world on the International Day of Peace

[News] Google’s Nest Thermostat partners with international insurance companies
[News] Google releases Allo, a smart messaging app to compete with WeChat and Whatsapp

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