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Technology september 1, 2016

Google Is Helping You Waste Time With Solitaire And Tic-Tac-Toe

Procrastinate your to-do's with these internet games embedded in your search box

Advertising july 21, 2016

Cut Through The Noise Of Facebook With This Simple Chrome Extension

The add-on is designed to hide and streamline all the unnecessary features and recommendations tacked onto the social platform

Technology june 21, 2016

Let Google Quickly Summarize Articles For You

Opt for brief recaps of online articles you don't have time to read with the TL;DR Chrome extension

Advertising march 31, 2016

Getty Images Partners with Google and Apple To Reach More Consumers

Stock photo agency tries to broaden its consumer base by going B2Everyone

Work september 28, 2015

Rethinking The New York Times as Abstract Art

Browse colorfully, beautifully and quite aimlessly with a dash of the Chrome extension Abstract Browsing

Technology september 29, 2014

Save Web Files to the Cloud with Ballloon

The Google Chrome extension, now in its 44th version in mere months, connects your data to cloud accounts with one click

Innovation may 20, 2014

Google's Digital Rubik's Cubes Lab Lets People Reinvent The Classic Game

The tech company built a series of Chrome experiments to commemorate the 40th birthday of the puzzle.

Mobile may 6, 2014

Conversational Website Chats With Its Visitors As They Use It

This pseudo operating system can chat about significant and trivial topics, say which city has the best pizza, and even share jokes.

Sustainability march 7, 2014

High School Student’s Google Chrome Extension Aids Color Blind Users

ReColor will automatically adjust digital content colors to make viewing more accessible.

Technology november 26, 2013

Google Maps Out Tolkien’s Mythical Lands

Google and Warner Bros. Pictures have created a Chrome Experiment that maps out and provides a guide to the world of the Hobbit.

Work october 14, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

The iPad helps protect endangered elephants while a charity uses 'AdSmart' tech to target likely donors.

Mobile september 10, 2013

Interactive Music Video Lets Viewer’s Phone Control The Action

Arcade Fire’s video for their new song 'Reflektor' uses a computer’s webcam and a mobile device to alter the scenes.

Mobile may 16, 2013

Google Game Creates Racetrack Across Multiple Screens

Racer is a game that can be played on up to five devices.

Gaming & Play march 22, 2013

Chrome Turns Any Webpage Into A Playable Pinball Game

'World Wide Maze' is a 3D marble maze controlled by your mobile phone’s accelerometer.


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