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Technology may 6, 2016

These Glasses Let You Control A Computer With Your Head

GlassOuse uses head movement and bite force to track the mouse

Automotive april 5, 2016

How Google Glass is Helping Traffic Cops Issue More Tickets

Traffic wardens are streamlining their work thanks to the wearable device

Work march 11, 2016

Trend Watch: AR Steps Out From Virtual Reality's Shadow in 2016

How virtual reality's sister technology is adding another layer to our reality

Advertising march 8, 2016

PSA: It’s Time for an Affordable Augmented Reality Device

Could Polylens do for AR what Cardboard did for VR?

Travel december 9, 2015

Virgin Atlantic on the Future of Travel: It’s Not About the Tech

SVP for Marketing and Customer Service, Reuben Arnold, on Richard Branson’s founding vision, designing better travel experiences and AI in the sky

Technology august 20, 2015

Augmented Reality for Cyclists Lets You Navigate, Communicate, and Jam Out

The Google Glass for cycling, SENTH IN, gives visual updates about rides and calls, without taking your hands off the handlebars

Mobile august 6, 2015

Once Thought Dead, Google Glass Gets a Second Coming

Though considered an epic failure, according to its makers and a recent patent, Google Glass might have simply suffered from first-version woes

Work july 16, 2015

Future Google Glass Lets You Snap Pics With Finger Frames

According to a Google patent, breaking the frame by pulling one's fingers apart would ensure a snapped photo

Technology july 10, 2015

5 Stories You Need to Know Today

In today's links, Slack adds emojis, Facebook listens to users, and Time Warner Cable goes overboard with robocalling

Work july 9, 2015

Let Your Brain Be Your Joystick

MindRDR pushes hands-free interactivity on Android devices—"android" being the key term here

Arts & Culture april 7, 2015

Will Google Glass Be Reborn as a Dance Guru?

The tech giant's developers may be honing a multimedia system for getting your groove on

IoT february 26, 2015

Virtual Reality May Train You To A Fitter You

Apps for Oculus Rift and Google Glass may enhance your workout

Technology february 3, 2015

How Doctors Are Currently Leveraging a Google Glass Startup

Augmedix collects and stores patients' electronic health records while conversation transpires with physician

Design & Architecture january 28, 2015

Sensor Packed Eyewear Tracks Fatigue and Posture

Meme glasses exhibit Japanese style, but sync to smartphones for high-tech health monitoring


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