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Technology february 26, 2015

Google Maps Redesign Harnesses Adaptive Data for Visually-Impaired

Contextually-driven data and live transportation updates let users navigate the world more accurately

Travel february 10, 2015

Google Wants to Help Travelers Sound More Like Locals

Tech giant wins patent that teaches people correct pronunciation of trickiest cities to articulate

Luxury september 12, 2014

Tour Luxury Resorts Before You Arrive Using Google Maps

Travel experts Destinology launch interactive guides through popular hotels

Technology august 18, 2014

Experience Google Street View with Stereophonic Sound

Send your eyes and ears on holiday with a 3D soundscape in Google Maps

Innovation july 24, 2014

Fly Around London for Free with 3D Google Map

Interactive map lets you soar above the city’s skies from your computer or mobile screen

Arts & Culture june 5, 2014

Google Maps Easter Egg Calculates Travel Time On The Game Of Thrones’ Dragons

A new search option allows people to travel like a Targaryen.

Work may 19, 2014

A Satirical Look At Life In China, Told Through The Country’s Google Maps Equivalent

Bird's Eye China is a webcomic that combines screengrabs of Baidu Maps and clever observations for a unique and witty perspective on everyday Beijing.

Sustainability may 19, 2014

Google Street Views Explores Music Through The Places That Inspired It

Musician Alan AtKisson lets fans "visit" the places that inspired each song in his new album American Troubadour.

Gaming & Play april 1, 2014

Google’s Pokémon Prank Lets You Track The Little Guys In The Real World [Video]

The Pokémon Challenge lets people compete to become their next employee or Pokemon Master.

Technology march 31, 2014

Google Maps Parody Marks The World’s Best Nap Spots

A spoof website aims to bring smiles (and maybe some z's) to Google fans.

Design & Architecture march 17, 2014

Hacked Google Street View Places Greenery Into Concrete Jungles

A web experiment with Google Maps shows what your block would look like if plants took over the world.

Innovation march 17, 2014

Restaurant Map Shows Kickstarter Success Stories Across The Country

Kickstarter has created a Google Map that shows more than 500 restaurant projects that have been successfully funded through the site.

Sustainability march 5, 2014

Google Overlays Historical Data Onto Modern-Day Maps

Google Maps Gallery is a new way for companies and organizations to share and publish their own cartography.

Work february 7, 2014

Google Earth Overlay Shows The Widespread Nature Of Climate Change

Researchers at University of East Anglia added a climate layer to allow viewers to access the world's temperature records.


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