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Work january 18, 2013

Google Project Glass May Be Controlled By Touch Pad On User’s Palm

The company has filed a patent that shows a laser projector that will beam controls onto the body.

Innovation december 7, 2012

LCD Contact Lenses To Rival Google Glasses [Video]

A prototype that can superimpose images onto the user's normal view.

Technology july 18, 2012

Could Wearing Google Glasses Could Be Dangerous To Your Health? [Headlines]

Could a person's ability to constantly record what he sees elicit a negative response from others who don't understand the technology?

Mobile july 6, 2012

Olympus Releases Their Own Google-Style Wearable Display

The prototype MEG4.0 fits onto standard glasses and projects a 320x240 QVGA display right in front of your eyes.

Work may 31, 2012

Watch Sergey Brin Take A Photo Using Google’s Project Glass [Video]

The augmented reality glasses are close to becoming a reality for commercial use.

Arts & Culture may 28, 2012

Take Photos With Your Eyes Using Google’s Project Glass

Google's Project Glass reveals a new type of photography that their technology will actually be used for that will capture images of exactly what we see.


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