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Asia september 2, 2016

Singapore Is Devising Creative New Ways To Reduce Noise Pollution

The Housing & Development Board aims to soften the impact of sound to create a more pleasant living environment

Ai august 29, 2016

LawyerBot Is Now Helping Homeless People Qualify For Government Housing

This robot helps people get out of parking tickets and provides free legal advice to those in need

Health august 24, 2016

Wellness App Aims To Make Government Employees Happier

The program moves beyond counting steps and tracking habits to measuring and improving workers' overall wellbeing

Cities july 25, 2016

PSFK Picks The Most Innovative Education Hubs In Boston

The Innovation Debrief: Boston unveils unique education hubs in the greater Boston area

Cities june 15, 2016

A Small Town In Spain Replaced Bureaucracy With Twitter

The social network has become the major channel of communication for locals and government officials

Technology april 19, 2016

Visualize The Data Behind Issues Plaguing The United States

Strengthen your understanding of where the U.S. stands from an industrial and occupational perspective

[Insight] Digital encryption is a battleground between tech, legislature and law enforcement
U.S Government confirms self-driving cars qualify as drivers, without having to go the DMV (Reuters)
Cities august 4, 2014

Automated Post Office Marks The Rise Of Robotic Retail

Swapbox kiosks around San Francisco allow users to send and receive packages during convenient hours of the day

Cities march 25, 2014

The White House Helps Cities Fight Climate Change With Data

President Obama turns to US citizens and local governments to combat global warming.

Cities august 19, 2013

Ear Sculpture Listens To Citizen Complaints [Pics]

A unique way for people to voice their opinions to the government.

Advertising july 19, 2013

Guerrilla Editors Hack Dictionaries With A New Definition Of Marriage [Video]

Activists silently fight for the original term to be updated to coincide with current times.

Culture july 2, 2013

Cryptic Typeface Throws Off Prying NSA Eyes

These fonts are artistically camouflaged to be undecipherable to software scanning systems.

Cities june 6, 2013

House Of Representatives Lets Citizens Support Political Bills Online [Video]

Politician harnesses the power of social media to allow citizen to cosponsor bills.


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