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Automotive september 23, 2016

Slick GPS Navigator Gives Directions To Moped Riders

This small, round device attaches to a sideview mirror to display maps for safer traveling

Fitness & Sport september 12, 2016

Hiking Boots Will Vibrate To Give You GPS Directions

The Bluetooth-enabled footwear will help ensure you're never lost

Travel september 9, 2016

How Hilton Is Trying To Make Each Stay More Personalized

A new interactive feature within the hospitality chain's app acts as a personal travel guide for lodgers

AI september 2, 2016

NASA Brings Artificial Intelligence To Firefighters

Partnered with wearables, AI is being used to make first responders safer on the job

Technology june 15, 2016

New Address System In Mongolia Replaces Numbers With Words

A startup has created a three-word system to uniquely identify every point on the planet for postal service and navigation

Health june 13, 2016

Samsung’s Latest Wearable Lets You Leave Your Smartphone Behind

This lightweight workout device includes a fitness tracker and music player

Retail may 19, 2016

Track Your Package Delivery In Real Time

UPS now lets you follow the progress of trucks carrying orders on a live map

Travel may 2, 2016

Take A Photo To Find Out Where You Are When Lost

This neural network takes a bottom-up approach to GPS positioning

Technology april 21, 2016

How Students Are Being Rewarded For Not Using Their Phones

Pocket Points has grown to a user base of over 500k students at 100+ schools

Sustainability march 8, 2016

Volkswagen Works Out a Way to Get Dogs to Walk Themselves

A connected device concept will let your pooch go for a stroll, alone

Waze iPhone update takes into account expected traffic for drives
Cities december 18, 2015

Engineering a GPS System Specifically for Urban Cyclists

Handlebar compass forgoes turn-by-turn navigation for "fuzzy navigation"

Mobile december 7, 2015

No Need to Know Where North Is, App Guides You By What You See

Instead of telling you to switch directions in 30 meters, this app tells you to “Turn left at McDonald's"

Syndicated november 6, 2015

Rise of the Smart Farm: Get Ready for Satellite-Controlled Cows

From tracking cows and Peruvian asparagus to monitoring harmful algae blooms, satellites offer the food industry valuable information


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