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Arts & Culture september 15, 2016

Heineken Uses Graffiti To Help Restore Abandoned Stadium

The beer brand recruited a troupe of artists to help crowdfund renovation of an iconic Miami venue

Retail september 8, 2016

Bloomingdale’s’ New In-Store Campaign Uses Snapchat Filters

The retailer is employing social marketing efforts to increase their brick and mortar sales

Advertising august 29, 2016

Brewing Company Turns Car Emissions Into Ink

Tiger Beer has created a sustainable process to transform air pollution into supplies for street art

Arts & Culture august 23, 2016

Portuguese Senior Citizens Become Graffiti Masters

A workshop based in Lisbon is teaching the elderly how to create street art and letting them practice on buildings

Arts & Culture august 3, 2016

Artist Translates Ugly Graffiti Into Legible “Tags”

The project is to meant to challenge viewers' concept of beauty and street art

Syndicated june 22, 2016

How A Reddit User Tracked Down A National Parks Vandal

Casey Nocket banned from all US national parks and sentenced to 200 hours of community service after users on Reddit tracked her down through social media

Technology march 25, 2016

Become a Graffiti Drone Artist Without Touching a Can of Paint

This drone translates your doodles into street-art scribbles in real time

Cities may 1, 2015

Teacher Repurposes Everyday Objects into Playful Street Art

French artist Levalet transforms the urban environment into humor-filled, life-sized installations

Cities october 3, 2014

Urban Project Lets You Purchase, Own New York City Street Art

Wall-(m)Art sells and frames graffiti in its designated outdoor locale

Culture september 26, 2014

Artist Creates Anti-Pollution Graffiti Using a Nissan Leaf

A new wall mural envisions London without car pollution

Culture september 19, 2014

Paralyzed Artist Continues to Create with Help of EEG

The technology lets Tempt, a graffiti artist with ALS, keep on with his life's work

Cities september 8, 2014

Alley Graffiti Used for Furniture Facades

Tel Aviv-based Ariel Zuckerman Studio lets young designers create works of art on wooden boards attached to walls in small alleys

Advertising june 17, 2014

Brand App Has Citizens Geotag Offensive Graffiti For Removal

Cleaning brand sends whitewash teams clean up Romania's streets in response to user submissions.

Culture june 12, 2014

Google Immortalizes Street Art In Online Gallery

Internet giant's Google Street Art Project uses Street View stills to preserve what otherwise over time fades away.


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