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Arts & Culture august 26, 2016

Search Engine Turns Your Own Drawings Into Photos

This image-matching software accepts hand-made sketches instead of keywords

Arts & Culture august 22, 2016

Animated Illustrations Depict Vibrant Soda Can Designs

The designer behind these vessels says each unique image represents the same beverage being shaped by 'different frequencies'

Arts & Culture august 19, 2016

Artist Creates Magical Stories As A Series Of GIFs

These complicated moving images take the concept of worlds in a bottle to a whimsical level by creating fantastic pieces of art

Design august 19, 2016

Type Generator Lets You Write Using The Font From ‘Stranger Things’

Creative studio Nelson Cash created a typeface inspired by the Netflix series' retro title sequence and art direction

Culture august 11, 2016

What Would It Look Like If Instagram Ran On Windows 95?

These GIFs imagine if the most popular image-sharing service was a program on the early operating system

Culture november 19, 2015

How Jean Jullien’s Eiffel Tower Peace Sign Spread Around the World

Graphic designer’s quick sketch has become a global symbol of solidarity in light of the Paris attacks

Advertising december 17, 2014

AIGA Has a New Blog, and It’s Not What You’re Expecting

Forward-looking design blog is a sign of AIGA changes to come

Design november 10, 2014

Blogging Platform Uses AI to Automatically Design Your Website

The Grid rearranges your blog into beautiful form based on content provided and best design practices

Culture september 15, 2014

Documentary Explores Art Of Craft In A Digital Age

The film, directed by Anthony Peters and Paul O'Connor, explores the rise of analog craft making in a digital age

Design august 22, 2014

Indoor Rock Wall Incorporates Projected Graphics for Augmented Climbing

An augmented-reality climb helps everyone from experienced rock climbers to kids

Cities august 15, 2014

Artists Build Fictional Worlds in Book of Architectural Fairy Tales

Designers use the traditional narratives as a foundation for works that show the storytelling power of architecture

Cities august 1, 2014

Choking Posters Get a Redesign

Learn the Heimlich maneuver with love stories, choking gorillas, and unicorns

Cities may 8, 2014

Design Manual Reveals Rich Graphic Identity of NYC’s Subway System

The meticulous design that went into guiding millions of people through the subway back in the 70's.

Culture february 7, 2014

Illustrated Posters Reimagine Numbers As Design Elements [Pics]

Numbers represented as blank space divided in creative ways.


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