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Advertising february 25, 2014

Wall Installation Flutters At The Sight Of Passersby [Video]

Artist’s new project taps into the current responsive architecture trend.

Advertising september 24, 2013

Fake Design Studio Satirizes Artists Who Value Style Over Substance [Pics]

Artist uses a tongue-in-cheek method to get noticed.

Advertising september 20, 2013

Soundwave Installation Lets People Experience Music With Their Entire Bodies [Video]

Recent graduate brings the human body as close as it’s ever been to sound.

Design september 19, 2013

Robot-Created Font Emulates Traditional Calligraphy [Video]

Graphic designer Mostafa El Abasiry created Robosans, a digital font made by a wired control robot.

Advertising july 18, 2013

Lacoste Polos Replace The Iconic Crocodile With A Squiggle [Video]

The fashion brand gets an unexpected logo makeover for their 80th anniversary.

Design june 14, 2013

Similar Celebrities Of Different Eras Fused Into One Person [Pics]

Graphic designer Marc Ghali created mashups of the faces of two similar public figures who were born decades apart in the project 'Then & Now'.

Cities june 7, 2013

New York City Depicted Only Through Its Windows [Pics]

Graphic designer Jose Guizar created this project as a weekly illustrated fix for his obsession.

Culture april 15, 2013

Graphic Designer Creates A Board Game Resume [Pics]

A creative way to get an employer's attention.

Advertising january 18, 2013

Rolling Stones Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary With 50 New Logos [Pics]

The iconic 'tongue' image is given a makeover by fifty designers.

Culture december 11, 2012

What If Photoshopping Could Fix Real Life Blemishes [Pics]

Flora Borsi's photo series looks at how faces could be altered if we applied the application's tools in our daily lives.

Culture september 13, 2012

Magazine Cover Made Of Typographic, Poppable Bubble Wrap

Traditional 2D paper is replaced with 3D plastic text for +81's 'Next Creativity' issue.

Culture september 6, 2012

Unique Silhouette Portraits Mark A Young Girl’s Growth [Gallery]

Brent Holloman captures a profile shot of his baby girl each week, turning the picture into different images like clouds, an egg, stars, and a collage.

Design august 7, 2012

Olympic Rings Redesigned To Represent The Sports Of The Games [Pics]

Designer Leonardo Dentico transforms the iconic logo into different arenas including a swimming pool, running track, soccer pitch and tennis court.

Culture july 10, 2012

Compose Music By Scanning Various Barcodes [Video]

Sample instrumental beats and notes with a handheld scanner.


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