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Technology february 25, 2014

Wall Installation Flutters At The Sight Of Passersby [Video]

Artist’s new project taps into the current responsive architecture trend.

Work september 24, 2013

Fake Design Studio Satirizes Artists Who Value Style Over Substance [Pics]

Artist uses a tongue-in-cheek method to get noticed.

IoT september 20, 2013

Soundwave Installation Lets People Experience Music With Their Entire Bodies [Video]

Recent graduate brings the human body as close as it’s ever been to sound.

Innovation september 19, 2013

Robot-Created Font Emulates Traditional Calligraphy [Video]

Graphic designer Mostafa El Abasiry created Robosans, a digital font made by a wired control robot.

Retail july 18, 2013

Lacoste Polos Replace The Iconic Crocodile With A Squiggle [Video]

The fashion brand gets an unexpected logo makeover for their 80th anniversary.

Design & Architecture june 14, 2013

Similar Celebrities Of Different Eras Fused Into One Person [Pics]

Graphic designer Marc Ghali created mashups of the faces of two similar public figures who were born decades apart in the project 'Then & Now'.

Cities june 7, 2013

New York City Depicted Only Through Its Windows [Pics]

Graphic designer Jose Guizar created this project as a weekly illustrated fix for his obsession.

Arts & Culture april 15, 2013

Graphic Designer Creates A Board Game Resume [Pics]

A creative way to get an employer's attention.

Advertising january 18, 2013

Rolling Stones Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary With 50 New Logos [Pics]

The iconic 'tongue' image is given a makeover by fifty designers.

Technology december 11, 2012

What If Photoshopping Could Fix Real Life Blemishes [Pics]

Flora Borsi's photo series looks at how faces could be altered if we applied the application's tools in our daily lives.

Arts & Culture september 13, 2012

Magazine Cover Made Of Typographic, Poppable Bubble Wrap

Traditional 2D paper is replaced with 3D plastic text for +81's 'Next Creativity' issue.

Design & Architecture september 6, 2012

Unique Silhouette Portraits Mark A Young Girl’s Growth [Gallery]

Brent Holloman captures a profile shot of his baby girl each week, turning the picture into different images like clouds, an egg, stars, and a collage.

Gaming & Play august 7, 2012

Olympic Rings Redesigned To Represent The Sports Of The Games [Pics]

Designer Leonardo Dentico transforms the iconic logo into different arenas including a swimming pool, running track, soccer pitch and tennis court.

Arts & Culture july 10, 2012

Compose Music By Scanning Various Barcodes [Video]

Sample instrumental beats and notes with a handheld scanner.


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