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Work march 24, 2014

The Pollution Cleaning Floating Village That Could Be Built Above LA Freeways

The Skyvillage offers a radically different way of thinking about development in car-centric cities.

Sustainability december 23, 2013

Digital-Only Museum Has No Actual Art

Could this small museum in an obscure Romanian town be the future of viewing art?

Work april 16, 2013

Office Building Encourages Exercise By Creating More Appealing Stairways

Seattle's Bullitt Center uses design and panoramic views to entice people to take care of their health.

Arts & Culture august 20, 2012

Foldable Mini-Hotel Can Be Made Into Multiple Different Configurations [Pics]

The M-Velope is a functioning art structure that features slotted panels hinged to a main frame, so it can transform into various shapes and then close into a cube.

Advertising may 14, 2012

New Sculpture Scrubs The Air Clean Of Pollution

A sculpture on view this summer at MoMA PS1 will serve as an example of how architecture could actively fight pollution.

Luxury october 21, 2011

Legendary House Of Veuve Clicquot Gets A Makeover [Pics]

A revamped Hôtel du Marc. owned by the popular champagne company situated in Reims, France, re-opens.

Work march 14, 2011

JWT Gets A Green Redesign For The Future

The Paris office of the agency gets a sustainable update that acts as virtual calling card for their digital-only branch.

Home december 14, 2010

The Egg House: Green Micro Living In Beijing

The unique living structure was constructed to avoid the high rents in the city.

Design & Architecture january 19, 2010

Portland High-Rise To Feature Living Architecture

The entire west side of a high-rise in Portland, Oregon will be covered with vertical greenery.

Work november 23, 2009

Solar Powered Vertical Village

Dubai's Vertical Village is an extravagant work of sustainable design, using solar energy to power a combination of residential, hotel and entertainment spaces.

Technology november 10, 2009

The Amphibious Architecture Project

The Amphibious Architecture Project explores interaction between above and underwater worlds.

IoT august 4, 2009
Home august 4, 2009
Sustainability june 8, 2009

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