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Work march 18, 2016

Highlighting the Beauty of Green Energy with LED Beams

Green energy lights up as metaphor about innovation and connection in the Netherlands

Design & Architecture december 1, 2014

Walkway with Renewable Power Source May Be in Our Near Future

Rayworks Design unveiled a concept design for a futuristic walkway

IoT march 6, 2014

Moss-Powered Radio Uses Plants Like Solar Panels [Pics]

Researchers converted charged electrons into electricity to power gadgets.

Technology january 16, 2014

Waves Generated By Swimming Laps Could Power Gyms

A demonstration of how simple wave movements can offer a sizable energy alternative.

Sustainability november 21, 2013

Billowing Heat From The Subway To Warm Londoners’ Homes

London tubes will be supplying green energy to warm up more homes around the borough.

Design & Architecture october 24, 2013

Revamped Wind Turbine Takes Design Inspiration From Dragonflies [Pics]

Compact schematic might provide people with more renewable energy in the future.

Power Your Gadgets with Green Energy
Innovation june 9, 2012

Cooking Stove Converts Heat Into Electricity To Power The Developing World [Sponsored]

BioLite not only cooks food but converts thermal energy into power.

Luxury march 28, 2012

Lamborghini Designs A ‘Green’ Version Of The Batmobile

The Lamborghini concept car showcases current designs of the company while incorporating the future of performance and environmentally-consciousness innovation.

Sustainability march 28, 2012

Solar Panel Installation Doubles In 2011 [Headlines]

More and more people are switching to the more sustainable power.

Innovation february 21, 2012

MIT Scientists Make Solar Panels From Grass Clippings [Headlines]

Researchers from Boston-based University create promising new green energy technology.

Sustainability february 2, 2012

Five Percent Of California Is Powered By Wind [Headlines]

West coast state is drawing a significant portion of its energy from green technology.

Home february 1, 2012

Nissan Developing EV Batteries That Can Be Reused In The Home

Japanese automaker is teaming with Swiss company to create more efficient, multi-purpose energy storage device.

Luxury january 14, 2012

WiFi Enabled Power Outlets Will Reduce Home Energy Usage [CES 2012]

A central system communicates with each power outlet to understand energy usage and that helps track which sockets are using power.


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