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Work may 7, 2015

Made-to-Order Portal Makes Way for Local Furniture Manufacturing

When working with neighboring manufacturers, customers pay less for better furniture with OpenDesk

Arts & Culture july 30, 2014

Celebrity Cats Campaign to Save the Tiger for Greenpeace

Lil Bub, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Captain Pancakes and Princess Monster Truck call on pet cats to create memes for International Tiger Day

Travel july 16, 2014

Greenpeace Eco-Friendly Business Card Doubles as Metro Ticket to Combat Climate Change

EcoCard encourages people to use public transport instead of their car

Design & Architecture july 10, 2014

Greenpeace Video Pressures LEGO To Cut Ties With Shell In Order To Save The Arctic

Everything is NOT awesome with the oil corporation's plans to drill in the Arctic

Luxury january 16, 2014

12 Stories You Need to Know Today

A huge electric call recall, a new way to join nonprofits, brands accused of using harmful chemicals and more.

Innovation january 6, 2014

“Lion King” Without The Animals Depicts A World Without Wildlife Protection [Video]

Greenpeace and Studio Hack re-edit the opening sequence to a Disney classic to highlight the effects of environmental destruction.

Mobile april 18, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Pixar predicts the future, income inequality along NYC subways and Boston marathoners organize to finish the race...links to start your day with.

Technology december 20, 2012

Santa Must Leave The North Pole In New Greenpeace Campaign

The Santa Relocation Project aims to raise awareness about the Arctic ice melting and spark conversations about global warming.

Sustainability november 9, 2011

BlackBerry Maker At Bottom Of Green Electronics Rankings‎ [Headlines]

Greenpeace says Research in Motion lacks a clean electricity plan and targets to increase the use of renewable energy.

Technology october 24, 2011

Greenpeace Animation Highlights Illegal Fishing Practices [Video]

"Ocean Action" by Animate Me! was created for the organization's latest campaign.

Syndicated october 11, 2011

Triple Pundit: Mattel Says Yes To Greenpeace, No To Rainforest Destruction

Greenpeace's campaign to have toy company Mattel switch its paper sourcing policy has worked.

Advertising september 8, 2011

Greenpeace Offers £5,000 To Attack Volkswagen's Winning Ad

The environmental organization retaliates against the car maker for opposing cuts to CO2 emissions, by creating a competition that will award the best spoof ad.

Sustainability august 2, 2011

Greenpeace Stirs Up A Protest On Twitter For Its 'Detox' Campaign [Headlines]

Greenpeace gathers support on Twitter to protest against sportswear giants they say are responsible for polluting China's rivers.

Arts & Culture july 15, 2011

Greenpeace Challenges Nike And Adidas To Detoxify The World's Water

Greenpeace uses the same active urban lifestyle Adidas and Nike promote in their advertisements to send a daring environmental message.


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