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[News] Paris legalizes pop-up urban gardens anywhere in the city
Work december 22, 2014

Shawn Parr: Will You Go Through 2015 or Grow Through 2015?

How to stay laser focused on the things that matter and avoid drifting from year-to-year hoping things might change

Arts & Culture august 23, 2012

Grow Flowers By Planting Used Pencil Stubs [Video]

Writing instrument can be planted once it's too short to use.

Better Than Receiving Flowers, Is Receiving A Be An Emotion
Sustainability july 10, 2012

Bike Expands To Fit Kid’s Growth Spurts

Orbea Grow are meant to be fun and useful vehicles that children won't have to leave behind.

Home june 12, 2012

Grow An Herb Garden In A Hidden Kitchen Drawer [Pics]

A discrete hydroponic structure is able to hold up to 24 pot plants with built-in LED lights.

Technology june 4, 2012

Rotating Indoor Garden Inspired By A NASA Design

The indoor garden conserves energy and space while providing a large output.

Design & Architecture february 10, 2012

Adjustable Kids Bike Grows With Its Rider [Pics]

New range of bicycles continue to fit your child as they get older, making them more sustainable and economical.

Innovation october 5, 2011

The Supermarket Of The Future Can Grow Its Own Food

The Netherlands envisions farms of the future to grow all food types to sustain the needs of its cities.

Technology july 22, 2011

ED COTTON: What Can We Learn From Kickstarter?

In its two years, Kickstarter has funded 10,000 projects and raised over $75 million for more than 6,000 projects. What's behind its success?

Technology june 7, 2011

“Grow” Campaign Will Fight Global Food Shortages

Oxfam has launched a celebrity-endorsed campaign to fight global food shortages and share the skills to help people learn to grow their own food.

Technology april 2, 2010

Human Bones Successfully Grown In The Lab

Scientists at Columbia University have successfully grown human bones from stem cells in a lab.


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