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Design & Architecture november 15, 2016

A Gun That Weaponizes Tears

Designer Yi-Fei Chen created the device as an expression of the power of unloading negative feelings

Technology january 29, 2013

DNA Gun Marks Suspects To Help Control Riots

The new SelectaDNA gun could allow authorities to apprehend criminals after the event has occurred by tracking the specific genetic material.

[Insight] The psychology of choosing orange to raise gun violence awareness
Innovation january 28, 2013

NYPD Radiation Scanners Also Detect Concealed Weapons

High-tech device sees through clothes to highlight guns.

Mobile july 16, 2012

Case Turns An iPhone Into A Pocket Stun Gun

A unique concept on Kickstarter is envisioned by its designers to be "the world's first smartphone defense case."

Technology december 13, 2011

Agency Creates First Person Shooter Using Google Street View

A bizarrre mashup created by Pool Worldwide lets you point and shoot in real-world scenarios.

Work november 21, 2011

WMMNA: Death Of A Camera -- Captured On Its Own Film [Pics]

'Culture As A Space Of Freedom And Anarchy,' featured photos made by cameras recording their own destruction by gun.


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