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Retail june 3, 2016

Illicit Art Gallery Pop Ups In Abandoned Subway Platform

A political artist's gallery on gun violence is hidden in an abandoned subway platform

Work october 8, 2013

Jewelry Made From Confiscated Weapons Keeps Guns Off The Street [Pics]

Liberty United melts down guns and bullet shells confiscated by the police and turns them into jewelry.

Design & Architecture august 29, 2013

Middle East Street Art Shines A Light On Political And Social Upheaval

Artist and activist responds to the disruption throughout his country in an unusually powerful way.

Technology july 31, 2013

Gun Control Campaign Shoots Tweets At Senators

Originally designed to bribe the Senate with crowdfunding to change their vote, the campaign took to Twitter to maintain its legality.

Mobile march 5, 2013

Guardian U.S. Ad Campaign Highlights Explosive Societal Issues

'VoiceYourView' presents opposing viewpoints of political issues in illustrations that can be flipped upside down.

Home december 20, 2012

Piers Fawkes: Could Data Kill Gun Ownership?

Banning guns is too difficult to achieve. Let's create radical transparency for the ownership of deadly weapons.


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