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[Insight] How boutique gyms are generating profit by making fitness a status symbol
Travel october 13, 2016

Hotel Space Caters To Young Entrepreneurs

A living-working space hybrid for those seeking a temporary residence

Technology july 1, 2016

Gymbot Is A Facebook Messenger For Your Workouts

Fitness enthusiasts can track their progress and exercise stats with this helpful bot

Design & Architecture april 27, 2016

This Arcade-style Gym Makes Us Want To Exercise

A NYC fitness center installed a gamified section that adds fun to working out

Work february 8, 2016

Convertible Activewear Can Be Worn at Work and the Gym

3D-printed clothing that can transform from the office to the weight room

Arts & Culture august 5, 2013

London's Pre-Work Raves Will Replace Gym Sessions [Video]

Early morning parties offer massages and smoothies instead of drugs and alcohol.

Innovation june 24, 2013

Taco Bell Rolls Out Protein-Heavy Menu For Gym Enthusiasts

Fast food chain attempts to offer healthier options for its fitness fanatic customers.

Work january 25, 2013

Gym Only Accepts Members Who Are 50+ Pounds Overweight

Downsize Fitness is modeled after 'The Biggest Loser' and eliminates the self-conscious, alienating atmosphere found in some gyms.

Home september 24, 2012

Skip The Gym, Use An Office Chair To Get A Workout Instead

'OfficeGym' is a system with two resistance bands that attaches to the back of any chair, allowing the user to perform exercises for the chest, shoulders, arms, back, abs, and legs.

Work march 9, 2012

Work Out On The Floor Of The Nightclub With An Instructor

There is a growing trend in "party workouts": group events in nightclubs for exercising and meeting people.

Technology february 9, 2012

Gym Concept Connects Jogging To Social Good

Creative concept encourages runners by giving them meaningful incentives to exercise.

Retail february 1, 2012

Daily Buffet-Style Fitness Packages Let You Try Out Various Activities

A new business model in the exercise industry creates packages of fun fitness experiences, offering consumers a break from strict schedules and activity monotony.

Syndicated january 30, 2012

Springwise: Get A Free Personal Trainer With Interactive, Motion-Sensing Gym Walls

Bally Total Fitness is using Kinetic technology to improve user experience and attract new members.

Cities january 19, 2012

Nike's Invite-Only Basketball Court Comes With 24-Hour Concierge Service [Pics]

Refurbished gym in New York's Lower East Side offers a complete sporting experience for exclusive members.


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