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[News] An army of hackers are exposing the vulnerability of our everyday devices
[News] Hackers remote steer a Tesla, exposing security challenges of autonomous vehicles
Technology august 4, 2016

Campaign Challenges Programmers To Break A Code To Receive Free Snacks

Popcorn brand Halfpops has created a contest for talented coders with a prize of a month worth of treats

Sustainability july 21, 2016

Venmo Involuntarily Turned Into A Charity App

The nonprofit Water is Life "hacked" the payment platform and turned it into a source for donations

IoT may 27, 2015

How Facebook and Oculus Rift Can Come Together in Virtual Harmony

Motion-capture tech expert surmounts an Oculus Rift drawback that was keeping it from analyzing facial expressions

Innovation november 11, 2013

Flying House Hacks Instagram With A Steady Stream Of Parisian Imagery [Video]

Upstagram is a miniature home that flew across Paris and automatically published live pictures on the app.

Work september 10, 2013

Facebook’s NYC Headquarters Designed To Inspire Creativity [Pics]

The building in Manhattan offers staffers a basketball court, vending machines with office supplies and a budget to “hack” their workspace.

Work august 16, 2013

Google Glass Hack Allows For Prescription Lenses

Detachable eyepiece makes it easy to use your own glasses with the new technology.

Arts & Culture april 25, 2013

3D Printer Creates Models Of The Music It Plays [Video]

A unique combination of music and ink brings these pieces to life.

Cities march 26, 2013

Bike Light Projects Cyclist's Speed On The Road In Front Of Them [Video]

Matt Richardson's hack displays a moving odometer in real-time.

Gaming & Play february 8, 2013

Fitness Tracker Shuts Off Digital Devices If Users Haven't Exercised

A hack that turns off power to electronics if the user doesn't meet fitness goals.

IoT january 29, 2013

Party Photobooth Shares Pictures On Google+ In Real-Time

Grand St.'s 'Party Hacking' project enabled guests to instantly share photos and view a live stream on screens.

Arts & Culture december 3, 2012

Hacked Pinball Machine Creates Random Printed Artworks [Pics]

Artist modifies the popular tabletop game to create chaotic patterns.

Retail december 3, 2012

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Apple finally unveils iTunes 11, Facebook hacks its employees, and the top 100 global thinkers...Links to start your day with.


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