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[Inspiration] Rise of the digital graffiti artists
Food august 26, 2016

Disable Your Wi-Fi For Family Dinners With This Pepper Grinder Hacking Device

Dolmio has created a gadget that shuts down internet access so you can eat without being distracted

Technology august 25, 2016

Twitter Bot Will Warn You If You Are A Troll

An online tool developed out of Intel's Hack Harassment movement helps filter out or notify cyber bullies

Sustainability july 21, 2016

Venmo Involuntarily Turned Into A Charity App

The nonprofit Water is Life "hacked" the payment platform and turned it into a source for donations

Work october 6, 2015

Implementing Cybersecurity for the Work-Anywhere Generation

Recent high-profile cyber-attacks have highlighted the importance of online security. But are technological solutions at the mercy of our changing work habits?

Innovation november 14, 2014

Nintendo 64 Game Mod Purposely Glitches Appearance for New Experience

Best selling Nintendo 64 game Super Mario gets a hacked makeover

Design & Architecture october 29, 2014

3D Printer Hack Makes Automatic Tattoo Machine

French designers alter 3D printer to let you ink yourself

Work october 3, 2014

Microsoft Debuts 'Garage' at Advertising Week

Custom sneakers, eye-tracking technology on display at pop-up

Mobile september 29, 2014

IKEA Products Can Double as Game Controllers

Artist creates intuitive devices out of the retailer's household items

Technology september 24, 2014

Anti-Surveillance Device Foils Spy Gadgets, Protects Privacy

One man's crusade against high-tech voyeurism may enlist the masses with an affordable, effective device

IoT september 8, 2014

5 Netflix Hacks Point to the Future of Content Immersion

Streaming service harnesses the power of Oculus Rift and Philips smart lights to hack its own products

Partner Content september 4, 2014

Hacking the Crowdfunding Model for Success Over the Long Term

By expanding upon traditional crowdfunding offerings, Dragon Innovation lends expertise to all stages of the Making process to build a foundation for profitable growth.

Cities may 30, 2014

'Watch Dogs' Game Gives Players Powers Like The NSA

Ubisoft's new game features a hacker who can access people's personal information and control public transport.

Syndicated march 18, 2014

How Phone Call Metadata Could Reveal Your Private Life

Stanford researchers prove that even a quick phone call can provide enough detail to identify individuals.


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