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Technology october 17, 2013

Google Patent Lets Glass Wearers "Like" Real-Life Objects

Tech giant makes their most futuristic product even more progressive.

Work may 26, 2013

Open Source Prosthetic Hand Can Be 3D Printed For $150

Robohand is low-cost, mechanical hand that can be fabricated with a MakerBot 3D printer.

Design & Architecture july 17, 2012

Band-Aid Changes Color To Tell Users When To Replace It [Video]

Adhesive bandage strips can change shape to better cover the injured area and have a built-in mechanism to show when they are old.

Technology june 14, 2012

Control iPad Objects Without Touching The Screen Using Augmented Reality Glove [Video]

Now you can reach into your iPad and interact with items in a virtual environment.

Retail august 20, 2011

'Handy' Espresso Maker Uses Palm Pressure To Make Lattés

Ever found yourself yearning for a shot of espresso in the wilderness or during a blackout? This hand-powered espresso maker would be great for you.


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