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Work december 7, 2015

Adjust Your Seat's Height With Hand Gestures

Fraunhofer Institute's touch-controlled technology for car seats could change the furniture of the future

Mobile september 10, 2013

System Uses Hand Gestures For Mobile Payments

Matthew Drake created Secret Handshake, a program that enables people to pay using unique movements.

Technology february 19, 2013

3D Mouse Ring Turns Fingers Into Computer Controllers

This gadget doesn't need a flat surface to operate, instead this wearable piece of tech enables more intuitive interaction.

Mobile november 14, 2012

Technology Lets Users Control Smartphones With Gestures

GestIC technology from Microchip could enable gesture-based user interfaces for a range of devices.

Technology october 4, 2012

A Palm Swipe Could Be The Next Email Password

Napa Sae-Bae from the Polytechnic Institute of NYU is developing methods that use gestures as alternatives to alpha-numeric logins.

Innovation may 10, 2012

Control Your Smartphone With Sensors In Your Shoes

Researchers develop a computing system for mobile phones that uses a tiny sensors housed in laces and gesture control.

Technology february 21, 2012

3D Gloves Let People Talk Out Loud By Moving Their Hands

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a way to create speech from gestures.

Innovation february 8, 2012

Microsoft To Launch A Kinect Notebook?

Prototype laptops with built-in facial and gesture recognition sensors are able to process motion commands.

Mobile november 2, 2011

New Gesture-Controlled Smartphone Unveiled

Pantech's Vega LTE uses eyeSight's recognition technology to detect motion.

Home august 13, 2010

Exploring A Future Home Powered By Claytronics And Hand Gestures

Designer envisions a world where objects would gain digital powers and the user defines how objects will function.

Technology july 29, 2010

Sony Introduces 360-Degree Autostereoscopic Display

A new 3D display device doesn't require special glasses to enjoy the 3D effects.

Retail may 20, 2010

No Touching: LCD Screen Uses Hand Gesture Control

A next generation technology doesn't require multi-touch to control applications on screen.


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